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EFC Working Party 13: Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production &
EFC Working Party 15: Corrosion in the Refinery Industry


Questionnaire EFC WP13&15 Taskforce Amine corrosion

As announced in the EFC WP13 and WP15 meetings during EUROCORR, the EFC WP13&15 Taskforce “Amine Corrosion” launched a campaign to collect an experience about corrosion and its mitigation in amine gas treating units in Oil & Gas and Refining industries.

IMPORTANT NOTES: All information collected during this survey will be kept confidential within the Taskforce. All answers should be provided anonymously and there is no obligation to provide any information about the company or site.

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Please see below some guidelines for the questionnaire and information about the Taskforce Amine corrosion.


  • The questionnaire is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet which contains (harmless) macro’s to help you to quickly fill in the answers.
  • No need to fill-in company or site or person names etc.! The questionnaire is anonymous and all data will be treated confidential. Data (without a link to company or site) will only be shared and published as part of final survey report.
  • The questions are structured per Corrosion Loop in a typical amine gas treating unit.
  • The questions include process and operation details, construction materials, experience, etc.
  • For statistical reasons, please fill all fields including the blue free text fields. For example, if you don’t know the answer or when the question is not applicable, just fill in “unknown” or “NA”, etc.
  • It is acknowledged that considered questionnaire is long and may thus look boring to you. Do not feel obliged documenting all of it, if it requires too much time to document some parts: better a documented though incomplete experience than none!
  • One of the aims of the Taskforce is to identify “Integrity Operating Window” (IOW) limits (API RP584) to help mitigate corrosion, and hence each corrosion loop has a question about IOWs. When you have IOWs implemented, please describe them and the experience using them in the free text box.
  • Please return the questionnaire with the answers to   preferably before 1 March 2017.
  • Participants will be rewarded by receiving a collective report prepared at conclusion of mentioned survey.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact directly Mr. Johan Van Roij (Taskforce Leader) or EFC staff using above mentioned emails.

Taskforce amine corrosion:

  • A joined EFC WP13, 15 Taskforce founded in Sep 2015 to update the EFC publication 46 on amine corrosion.
  • Main objectives to include in the update:
    • Update the experience overview that already is in the publication 46 with new experience from refineries and experience from amine units in oil and gas productionInclude a literature survey
    • Restructure / format the results into “Corrosion Loops”
    • Include Integrity Operating windows
    • Include more extensive process and corrosion mechanism descriptions and how they can impact unit integrity.

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