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EFC Working Party 17: Automotive Corrosion


Mission / objectives:

The mission of the WP17 is to guide all parties of the automotive value chain in corrosion related issues by means of an active and internationally recognised working party with extensive network.

The objectives of the Working Party are:

  • to guide automotive manufacturers, suppliers and material producers to make the optimum choice in materials and material combinations for durable, reliable and safe service conditions (automotive structures and automotive components).
  • to create a network and provide links between industries and research academic organisations in the field of automotive corrosion and corrosion prevention.
  • to disseminate information on automotive corrosion events and publications worlwide.
  • to initiate work programmes and projects in the field of automotive corrosion and solutions associated to it using European programmes but also international exchange programmes.
  • to stimulate the exchange of scientific & technical papers in the field of automotive corrosion: material, corrosion testing, corrosion prevention technologies, design to corrosion, corrosion after forming and joining.
  • to be actively involved in automotive corrosion standardisation activities.

The working party 17 (WP17) is rather "young and was taken over by Fouzia Hannour (Corus, from Sept. 2010 Tata Steel Europe Research Development & Technology) as chairman in 2004. The main focus of WP17 has been to organise strong sessions covering key topics in the automotive corrosion and corrosion prevention/solutions.

Moreover, because of the specificity of the automotive corrosion issues, it has been a main focus to stimulate the participation of industries to EUROCORR. European but also international OEMs have been approached as automotive manufacturing is expanding significantly globally for the next years, in particular in Asia.

In 2005, a successful joint session was organised with WP14 (coatings) and WP 18 (tribocorrosion) entitled "Corrosion and Tribocorrosion aspects of coated materials in the automotive industry". Another joint session is planned for EUROCORR 2011, Stockholm.

It is also the aim to seek interactions with NACE in this area. NACE has technical committees and members of some STGs 02, 04,39 and 43 have recently joined the WP17.


Working Party Activities:

Working party activities and technology areas covered by the WP are:

  • Inventory of the main durability and material degradation problems in the automotive sector: perforation, cosmetic, galvanic corrosion in particular.
  • Relationship between actual behaviour of products, components and materials versus results of accelerated laboratory test methods- correlation laboratory tests and field
  • Coatings solutions specific to automotive applications and paintability aspects.
  • Understanding of corrosion linked to multi-material components under actual service conditions
  • Design aspects to corrosion
  • New materials development for internal components and for the body in white: metals, polymers, plastics etc.
  • Trends in car body painting processes/environmental concerns
  • EU specifications and standards

In 2009, the WP chairman proposed to start a new technical area activity on heat exchangers and engine coolant.


First announcement of the "Workshop on occurrence and mechanisms of Environmentally Assisted Cracking"
on the occasion of Eurocorr 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey .


Publications in the EFC series:

  • Book EFC 52 "Progress in Corrosion - The First 50 Years of the EFC", Edited by Paul McIntyre & J Vogelsang , Contribution by F. Hannour & P. Rolland (Renault) "Corrosion & its Manifestation in Automotive Structures"
    see List of EFC Publications

Minutes of meetings:

Next WP meeting:

At EUROCORR 2016, Montpellier, France


If you wish get involved in the activities of the WP on Automotive Corrosion please click here to register!


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