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Prof. Dr. Günter SCHMITT
IFINKOR- Institut für Instandhaltung und
Korrosionsschutztechnik gGmbH
(Institute for Maintenance and Corrosion
Protection Technologies nfpLtd.)
Kalkofen 4
58638 Iserlohn

Tel: +49-2371-95970
Fax: +49-2371-53233
E-mail:   or




Dr. Wolfgang HATER
R&D/Laboratory Manager
Kurita Europe APW GmbH
Niederheider Strasse 22
40589 Duesseldorf

Tel: +49-211 797 4265
Fax: +49-211 798 2595


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EFC Working Party 1: Corrosion and Scale Inhibition

Welcome to the website of the Working Party on Corrosion and Scale Inhibition.


WP1 is the platform and forum for all aspects of corrosion inhibition and scale inhibition in all kinds of industrial application:

  •   from basic understanding of protection mechanisms to science-based modelling,
  •   rom compound selection for specific services to appropriate application modes,
  •   from investigation methods and fitness-for-purpose testing to online monitoring,
  •   from environmental concerns to legal aspects.

Corrosion and scale inhibition is an issue in many industrial branches. Therefore, WP1 cooperates with many other EFC working parties and organizes joint sessions on EUROCORR conferences and international courses on this subject. Present activities aim at

  • validation of measuring systems for monitoring the performance of corrosion and scale inhibitors in the oil & gas industry, refineries, cooling water treatment, hydraulic fluids, metal treatment fluids and other applications,
  • standardization of inhibitor performance testing in cooperation with ASTM, CEN, ISO, NACE,
  • reviewing the potential of environmentally friendly inorganic and organic inhibitors
  • identifying fields for future research and development,
  • fostering networking between R&D labs for cooperation in European research programs

Presentationes at EUROCORR 2015 in Graz/Austria:

Is REACH killing research and innovation in corrosion and scale inhibition?
Dr. Wolfgang Hater, Kurita Europe GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany

Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), a European Union regulation, addresses the production and use of chemical substance and their potential impacts on human health and the environment. It regulates the application of chemicals and will affect industries all over the world. The presentation gives an introduction into REACH and will address the consequences of this European law for research, innovation & application of corrosion and scale inhibitors.

Hot scaling challenges in hot geothermal wells
Prof. Dr. Kostas D. Demadis, Crystal Engineering, Growth & Design Lab, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

The use of geothermal energy could be a smart way to reduce the CO2 footprints in energy production. However, formation of scales (silicates, sulfates, carbonates) on tubings and heat exchangers reduce the efficiency and economy of this technology. Prevention of scaling with appropriate chemicals seems to be the solution. However, environmental concerns hamper the application of effective additives. Furthermore, prevention of silicate deposits is still an unsolved problem. The paper will address the challenges in geothermal energy production and highlight options for scale prevention and dissolution.


Working Party activities

Working Party Journal

The Working Party is pleased to announce that the “International Journal for Corrosion on Scale Inhibition” (IJCSI; website: is now the official Journal of EFC WP1. The journal will be used for networking and information exchange on Corrosion and Scale Inhibition matters including announcements of conferences, courses, new research issues, etc. 


If you wish get involved in the activities of the WP on Corrosion and Scale Inhibition please click here to register!


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