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Dr. Krzysztof WOLSKI
Departement PMI
Centre SMS - UMR CNRS 5146
Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne
158, cours Fauriel
42023 Saint-Etienne Cedex 02

Tel: +33-4-77 42 66 18
Fax: +33-4-77 42 01 57




Dr. Vigdis OLDEN
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
R. Birkelands vei 2B
7465 Trondheim

Tel: +47- 98-230434



If you wish get involved in the activities of the WP on Environmetal Sensitive Fracture please click here to register!



EFC Working Party 5: Environment Sensitive Fracture



WP5's overall objective is to bring together scientists and engineers encountering the problem of crack initiation and propagation in different application fields including nuclear, petrochemical and aeronautical industries. In such environments fracture often results from a simultaneous action of mechanical loading and aggressive environment which can be either water or hydrogen or reactive gases or even more specific like liquid metal. The common feature requested for accurate prediction of the remaining lifetime is the need to understand the mechanisms of crack initiation and crack propagation.

WP5 specific missions concern the fields of hydrogen induced cracking, stress corrosion cracking, fatigue-corrosion, high temperature corrosion and liquid metal embrittlement and are aimed at

  • confronting physico-chemical and mechanical approaches in modelling environment sensitive fracture,
  • promoting the use of advanced local investigation methods (AFM, EBSD, Auger/XPS, nanomechanical testing) for submicrometer range description of crack initiation sites and crack-tip characteristics and
  • promoting the use of numerical simulations based on multiscale physical approach.
  • contributing to the definition of recommendations through joint sessions with colleagues from different application fields.


WP Business meetings:

Next WP business meetings:
The next meeting of the WP on Environmental Sensitive Fracture will be held in Montpellier, France during EUROCORR 2016

Second accouncement Joint Session WP13, WP9 and WP5 at EUROCORR 2015, Graz, Austria

WP Business Meeting during EUROCORR 2014, 11 September 2014, Pisa, Italy

Call for abstracts for Joint Session WP5&WP18 at  EUROCORR 2014, 11 September 2014, Pisa, Italy

Announcement Workshop on Occurrence and Mechanisms of Environmentally Assisted Cracking at EUROCORR 2012, Istanbul, Turkey

WP meeting during EUROCORR 2010, 14 September 2010, Moscow, Russia


If you wish get involved in the activities of the WP on Environmetal Sensitive Fracture please click here to register!

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