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EFC Working Party 13: Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production


The Working Party meetings shall be a meeting place for industry and research to informally share and exchange ideas and results.

  • Develop guidelines and documents for new topics related to corrosion in oil and gas production.
    • Sour environments
    • Material selection
    • Prediction, mitigation and monitoring solutions for all weight loss corrosion modes in  oil and gas environments (CO2  corrosion, H2S + CO2  corrosion, MIC, erosion- corrosion, …)


Questionnaire EFC WP13&15 Taskforce Amine corrosion


Next WP meeting:

The next meeting of WP 13 will be held in conjunction with EUROCORR 2017, which is to take place in Prague, Czech Republic.

Workshops held at EUROCORR 2012, Istanbul, Turkey:


Minutes from meetings:

Young Author's Prize:

On behalf of Professor Alexander V. Muradov, ANTIKOR, Russia, a young author's prize is awarsed every year by WP13 to an author less than 35 years old. The recent prize winner is:

  • EUROCORR 2016

    Fiona Ruel who is a research engineer at Aperam Stainless Europe since 2011. The paper was entitled “Effect of the substitution of Ni by N and Mn in lean duplex stainless steels on stress corrosion cracking assisted by H2S”.

    Best congratulations from WP 13!




  • EFC Publication Number 32: "Working Party Report on the Life Cycle Costing of Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry: a Guideline"
  • EFC Publication Number 55: "Corrosion under insulation (CUI) guidelines"
  • EFC Publication Number 64: "Recommended practice for corrosion management of pipelines in oil and gas production and transportation"
  • EFC Publication Number 39: "The Use of Corrosion Inhibitors in Oil and Gas Production"
  • EFC Publication Number 17:  "Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Oil and Gas Production: Guidance on General Requirements and Test Methods for H2 S Service", 2nd edition

  • EFC Publication Number 16: "Guidelines on Materials Requirements for Carbon and Low Alloy Steels for H2 S-containing environments in Oil and Gas Production", 2nd edition.

  • EFC Publication Number 23: " CO2 Corrosion Control in Oil and Gas Production - Design Considerations"

If you wish get involved in the activities of the WP on Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production please click here to register!


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