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Don Harrop

Honorary Fellow of the EFC

The Honorary Fellow of the EFC is conferred on any individual of an EFC Member Society (European or International) for outstanding accomplishment in any one of the areas of corrosion science and engineering and/or outstanding commitment to the European Federation of Corrosion and its committees and the support of its mission and activities.

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The Honorary Fellowship of the EFC is awarded at the European Corrosion Congress (EUROCORR) or whenever the EFC Board of Administrators (BoA) shall so determine. The recipient will be awarded with a certificate presented by the President of the EFC or by the Chairman of the Science and Technology Advisory Committee (STAC).


Laureate 2018


After a long and successful career with BP, Don Harrop is now Director of his own independent consultancy company, CorroDon Consulting Ltd. He has also been Visiting Professor at the School of Materials at the University of Manchester (2012 – 2015), where his field of research/activity was corrosion management in upstream oil and gas applications. Four major achievements have been the development of an electrochemical process for the deposition of alumina films, the application of potentiostatic and galvanostatic approaches to the study of corrosion in reinforcing steels embedded in concrete, development of an electrochemical approach for assessing pitting and stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of a range of materials used in reactor vessels and pipework, and industry-leading test facilities and methodologies for testing and selecting oilfield corrosion inhibitors.
Don has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the activities of the EFC over a period of 30 years. In 1991 he was a driving force behind the creation of Working Party 13 (Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production) and has remained an active member ever since. He served on the Board of Administrators from 1999 until 2014 and has been an elected member of the STAC since 2008. He served as EFC President for two years (2002/03), during which time his major achievement was the historic signing of a cooperation agreement between the EFC and NACE. Don made a significant contribution to the re-drafting of the EFC statutes and by-laws in 2006/07 and served as Vice President of the World Corrosion Organization (WCO) as EFC nominee in 2011. He chaired an EFC Task Force on Exhibitions in 2013/14 and was a member of an EFC Task Force on Awards from 2015 - 2017. He also served on the jury for the European Corrosion Medal from 2015 - 2017.
Throughout this time Don has shown full commitment to the ethos and objectives of the EFC, in particular by fostering a spirit of broader collaboration with other organisations. He has delivered significant benefit and impact to the EFC in a wide range of roles and is a very worthy recipient of an Honorary Fellowship.
Don Harrop was awarded Honorary Fellowship by the FC President at the opening session of EUROCORR 2018 in Krakow.

Laureates 2017:

Professor Pier Luigi Bonora, Italy

Professor Michael Schütze, Germany

The EFC Honorary Fellowship was presented to Prof. Pier Luigi Bonora and Prof. Michael Schütze at the opening session of the joint EUROCORR 2017 & 20th International Corrosion Congress & Process Safety Congress 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic.
read more (EFC Newsletter No 25, p8 and 9)

Laureate 2015:

Professor Antoine Pourbaix, Belgium

The EFC  Honorary Fellowship was presented to Prof. Antoine Pourbaix at EUROCORR 2015’s opening session in Graz, Austria.
read more (EFC Newsletter No 23, p6)



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