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Issue 1/2012, 24 April 2012


Dear Fellow Corrosionists,

Greetings on this year's Corrosion Awareness Day! Herein please find our April e-newsletter updating you on the people, activities and events that make up our federation. We at the European Federation of Corrosion believe that "good science makes for good business" and are glad to fulfil our function as your point of reference and resource for all that is happening on the corrosion front through the on-going activities taking place within and amongst our 19 Working Parties of corrosion specialty areas.

Now for the news: EUROCORR is growing! EUROCORR, the "jewel in the crown" of the EFC, will have more presentations and participants this year than ever before. We've now received almost 700 abstracts from 56 countries and our strict selection process guided by our Working Party Chairpersons of corrosion experts ensures a high standard and sharp focus on the corrosion problems being propelled by industrial needs which drive the research community to find applicable solutions. Like a widening gyre, with each passing year an ever-larger number of corrosionists recognise the value that our annual September congress serves as a highly efficient and effective means to converge, cooperate, collaborate and communicate and Europe is the ideal geographical crossroads to do so.

Preparations are well underway and we look forward to hosting you in exotic Istanbul this coming 9-13th of September and to receiving your vital contribution to our international corrosion community.

Juliet Ippolito
EFC Scientific Secretary/Public Relations Officer

In this issue:
  • Editorial
  • Who's Who
  • Members News
  • EFC Awards
  • News from Working Parties
  • EFC Working Parties
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Recruitment Forum
  • Contact/Imprint


The European Federation of Corrosion is the biggest corrosion organisation in Europe and one of the largest in the world, representing over 30 national societies with members from 25 European countries and an increasing number of international member societies from non-European countries. The EFC has three European offices in London, Frankfurt and Paris and is dedicated to advancing the science and engineering of corrosion and protection of materials, promoting cooperation in Europe and international collaboration.

Who's Who

Lorenzo Fedrizzi elected as EFC Vice-President

Professor Lorenzo Fedrizzi was elected the new EFC Vice-President back in September 2011. His nomination by EFC's General Assembly was based upon his intense commitment to EFC activities over the years and particularly for his very successful chairmanship of Working Party 14 on Coatings; one of the most important sessions at the annual EUROCORR conference which he has chaired since 2001. He succeeds Professor Rolf Gubner who held the position for the past three years. He is a full professor of Materials Science and Technology at the University of Udine, Italy where he teaches Composite Materials Science and Technology and Corrosion at the Engineering Faculty. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of "Progress in Organic Coatings" and "Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology". His main scientific interests are corrosion protection by organic, metallic and ceramic coatings. He is also specialized in the study of tribo-corrosion mechanisms and the corrosion behaviour of sintered metal parts and has published more than 300 papers on these topics in international journals and conference proceedings. Amongst his many scientific committee memberships, Prof. Fedrizzi is a Member of the International Scientific Committee for EUROCORR and chairs his Working Party 14's annual Workshop "Application of Electrochemical Techniques to Organic Coatings"

We at the EFC wholeheartedly welcome Lorenzo Fedrizzi as our new EFC Vice-President and look forward to working with him and benefiting from his valuable contribution to the EFC administration.

Members News

New Member Societies

The EFC welcomes the following entities as new members:

 ATV-SEMAPP, the Academy of Technical Sciences/Society of Process and Production Engineering headquartered in Lyngby, Denmark, was established in 1982 as a private, non-profit foundation affiliated with the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. Its membership is derived from Danish industry, individual society members and company-represented employees, and suppliers and users of machinery, materials and equipment, all with a special interest in corrosion and materials degradation. The society organizes an average of 15 seminars, courses, workshops or other types of events annually. It is an independent, non-profit institution whose mission is to disseminate knowledge of industrial processes, production and materials technologies to Danish industry and to provide a forum for academic and scientific activities in order to promote interaction between academic centers, research centers and industry.

SOPCOR, based in Moscow, Russia, is a non-commercial, non-profit partnership which fosters cooperation through the implementation of programs for introducing innovative corrosion protection technologies to national oil and gas Industries. It was founded in 2008 by several leading oil and gas companies including the Russian Federation Academy for Technological Science, the Russian State Oil and Gas University I. Gubkin, OJSC VNIIST, and the non-commercial partnership "National Gas Motors Association" with the support of OJSC Gazprom. Its main objective is to form a legal regulatory framework and a system of technical norms and standards to ensure the widespread use of corrosion protection equipment and services, contribute to the improvement of the quality of services and equipment for enhanced competitiveness of Russian products, protect the interests of Russian equipment manufacturers and service providers, and provide its partners with the opportunity to take an active part in creating and sharing in a high quality of corrosion protection products, operations and services to the oil and gas industry.

ABRACO, the Brazilian Association of Corrosion headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, has been in existence since 1968 and organizes courses, seminars and conferences together with and for private and state-owned companies, universities, research centers and consultants, all dedicated to corrosion and its prevention. Since its foundation, ABRACO's role has been to gather together senior professionals who are directly involved in understanding and providing solutions to the problems of corrosion and to promote exchange with national and international related entities. As a non-profit society, it is sustained by membership dues (company and individual) and the organization of courses, seminars and conferences of a high technical caliber as well as from sponsorship derived from companies and government institutions to support related research.

 EFC Awards

We are pleased to announce the following award recipients nominated at our recent March Board of Administrators' meeting.


This year's winner is Prof. Yury Igorevich Kuznetsov, Deputy Director and Head of the Laboratory at the A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Prof. Kuznetsov's field of research includes the physical chemistry of the heterogeneous processes, ecological aspects of chemical treatment of industrial aqueous systems and of metal protection from corrosion, metal corrosion inhibitors and the passivity of metals and passive state stability.
Prof. Kuznetsov is a distinguished scientist in the field of physical and technical chemistry and has received notable fundamental results in his research of metal corrosion and passivation processes, and the interaction characteristics between organic compounds and ions and metallic surfaces. He has also developed effective corrosion inhibitors and devised original methods of obtaining conversion coatings on metals and was chosen for his substantial overall contribution to modern corrosion protection science. He was the first to prove the possibility of absorption passivation of iron by organic compounds which ensures not only protection of metal from corrosion, but also from oxidation. He is the author and co-author of more than 350 publications including a monograph "Organic Inhibitors of Corrosion of Metals" and was chairman of EUROCORR 2010 Russian Scientific Committee.

The Cavallaro Medal, instituted by the University of Ferrara, Italy, is awarded every 2 years to honour the memory and work accomplished by Prof. Leo Cavallaro, founder of the "Aldo Dacco" Study Centre on Corrosion, an annexe of the Institute of Chemistry of Ferrara. The gold medal is awarded to a particularly distinguished scientist recognized for his or her activity and publications in the field of corrosion research.


Prof. Ramazan Solmaz, Chemistry Dept., Science and Letters Faculty, Bingol University, Bingol, Turkey, has been chosen as this year's 2012 Kurt Schwabe Prize recipient.
Prof. Solmaz is the current head of the Physical Chemistry division and the Director of the Biotechnology research and application center of his university. He is an outstanding scholar who has been awarded numerous prizes in recognition of his excellence in the research of corrosion science and corrosion protection. Within a relatively short time span of six years he has published 31 papers in international journals, many of which have been amongst the most cited articles on a continuous basis. He is a member of the editorial board of ISRN Corrosion, has reviewed numerous scientific journals and received the top cited article award for 2008 to 2009 for his paper entitled "The Investigation of absorption and inhibitive effect of 2-mercaptothiazoline on the corrosion of mild steel in hydrochloric acid media" published in Electrochemica Acta. He currently participates in 8 research projects supported by university research funds and the Turkish Scientific and Research Council. Prof. Solmaz's specialized field of corrosion research includes the investigation of corrosion inhibition effects of organic compounds on mild steel, copper, aluminum and other metals in various corrosive media, investigation of absorption and the corrosion inhibition mechanism of organic inhibitors, and investigation of the corrosion of electrode materials used for water electrolysis in operation media.

The Kurt Schwabe Prize, established by the Hungarian Corrosion Society "HUNKOR" with the financial backing of the "Kurt Schwabe Foundation, Hungary" was established in honour of the late Prof. Kurt Schwabe. The award consists of a medal and the sum of 500 euro designated to a young scientist in recognition of his or her scientific and technical contribution to the field of corrosion based upon publications.

Both awards will be presented to recipients at the opening ceremony of EUROCORR 2012 in Istanbul this September.

News from Working Parties

We are pleased to introduce our 4 new Working Party Chairpersons effective January 1, 2012:

Andreas Heyn, Institute of Materials and Joining Technology, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany / BAM, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Andreas Heyn is an Assistant Professor and a Working Group Leader of the Institute of Materials and Joining Technology at Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany. He is also the head of the Working Group "Corrosion Protection Concepts" at BAM Berlin's Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing Division 6.1 "Corrosion and Corrosion Protection". His areas of research include: Development and Application of Electrochemical Noise, Electrochemical Methods for Corrosion Testing, Corrosion Protection Concepts and their Qualification by EC Methods, Automotive Corrosion Protection, Stainless Steels, Mg-alloys, Ni-base Platings, and PVD coatings. He is a member of GfKORR e.V. where he chairs the WP on Corrosion Education, and is also active in the "Corrosion Monitoring" and "Methods of Testing and Investigation" WPs and is a founding member of ECG-COMON and the DGM WP "Mg-Bio-Materials".

Turid Liengen, Statoil ASA, Stavanger, Norway
Dr. Turid Liengen is a Principal Engineer of Material Corrosion at TEX FOT MAT COR Statoil ASA in Norway. She received her Master's of Science in Biotechnology from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and has a Doctorate of Science degree in Microbiology from The Norwegian University of Life Sciences. She has been working for Hydro since 1998 (now known as Statoil since the merge between Statoil and Hydro in 2007) and gives operational support in her main applicable expertise area of microbial influenced corrosion.


Michel Bonis, Total SA, Pau, France
Michel Bonis is the Technology/Corrosion Discipline advisor for Total SA, the French multinational oil and gas company.

Jérôme Crouzillac
, BAC Corrosion Control, Voisins Le Bretonneux, France

Jerome Crouzillac is a corrosion engineer at BAC Corrosion Control, a major supplier and manufactorer of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection and producer of high zinc and aluminium anodes supplying a wide range of magnesium and iron anodes and purpose-designed systems for impressed current cathodic protection systems (ICCP).

We wish to thank all former chairpersons of Working Parties 7, 10, 13 and 16 for the voluntary time and commitment they have given to lead their former working parties and look forward to benefiting from their extensive experience through their continued participation as active EFC Working Party members.

EFC Working Parties

EFC Working Party 1: Corrosion and Scale Inhibition
Chairman: Prof. Günter SCHMITT, IFINKOR: Institute for Maintenance Engineering and Corrosion Protection n.-p. Ltd., Iserlohn, Germany; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 3: Corrosion by Hot Gases and Combustion Products
Chairman: Prof. Michael SCHÜTZE, DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 4: Nuclear Corrosion
Chairman: Dr. Damien FÉRON, CEAS Director of Research, INSTN Professor, Atomic and Alternate Energy Commission SCCME, CEA-Centre de Saclay, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France; Email:

EFC Working Party 5: Environment Sensitive Fracture
Chairman: Prof. Krysztof WOLSKI, Departement PMI, Centre SMS - UMR CNRS 5146, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne, France; Email:

EFC Working Party 6: Surface Science and Mechanisms of Corrosion and Protection
Chairman: Prof. Philippe MARCUS, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Paris, Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie des Surfaces, Paris, France; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 7: Corrosion Education and Computer Applications
Chairman: Prof. Andreas HEYN, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Division 6.1 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection, Berlin, German; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 8: Physico-chemical Methods of Corrosion Testing
Chairman: Dr. J.M.C. Arjan MOL, Delft University of Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Surfaces and Interfaces Group, Delft, The Netherlands; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 9: Marine Corrosion
Chairman: Dr. Ulf KIVISÄKK, AB Sandvik, Materials Technology R&D, Sandviken, Sweden; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 10: Microbial Corrosion
Chairman: Turid LIENGEN, STATOIL ASA, TEX FOT MAT COR, Stavanger, Norway; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 11: Corrosion of Steel in Concrete
Chairman: Prof. Michael RAUPACH, Aachen University, Institute for Building Materials Research, Aachen, Germany; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 13: Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production
Chairman: Mr. Michel BONIS, TOTAL S.A., Technology/Corrosion, CA179, CSTJF, Pau, France; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 14: Coatings
Chairman: Prof. Lorenzo FEDRIZZI, University of Udine, Department of Chemical Science and Technology, Udine, Italy; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 15: Corrosion in the Refinery Industry
Chairman: Dr. François ROPITAL, IFP Energies Nouvelles, Direction Chimie et Physico Chimie Appliquées, Département Electrochimie et Matériaux, Solaize, France; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 16: Cathodic Protection
Chairman: Mr. Jerome CROUZILLAC BAC Corrosion Control, Voisins le Bretonneux, France; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 17: Automotive Corrosion
Chairman: Dr. Fouzia HANNOUR, TATA Steel Research Development & Technology, Coated Products, Ijmuiden, The Netherlands; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 18: Tribo-Corrosion
Chairman: Prof. Jean-Pierre CELIS, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, M.T.M., Leuven, Belgium; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 19: Corrosion of Polymer Materials
Chairman: Dr. Rudolf MORACH, INTERTEK Expert Services, Werkstofftechnik, K-105.1, Basel, Switzerland; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 20: Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Drinking Water Systems
Chairman: Dr. Johann Wilhelm ERNING, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Division 6.1 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection, Berlin, Germany; E-mail:

EFC Working Party 21: Corrosion of Archaeological and Historical Artifacts
Chairman: Dr. Philippe DILLMANN, Archaeomaterials and Alteration Prediction Laboratory, SIS2M/LPS CEA/CNRS and IRAMAT LMC CNRS, CEA Saclay, Gif-sur-Yvette, France; E-mail:

Detailed information about all EFC Working Parties, their respective chairpersons and recent activities can be obtained from the EFC website at

Note: EFC member societies and EFC Affiliate Members are eligible to appoint members to the EFC Working Parties. If you would like to become a member of any of our working parties and your society or institution is currently not an EFC member, please contact Juliet Ippolito, e-mail: , for membership details.


EUROCORR 2012 Update

This September's EUROCORR: "A Safer World Through Better Corrosion Control" will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on the 9-13th of September 2012 and is being hosted by the Corrosion Association of Turkey, the Turkish member society of the EFC. Don't miss your chance to see Istanbul, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, formerly known as Byzantium, later Constantinople under the Roman Empire and successively the seat of the Ottoman empire up to 1922 when the new Republic of Turkey was proclaimed. Its unique location on the Bosphorus strait extending to both Europe and Asia makes it the only metropolis in the world to be situated on two continents.

432 papers will be orally presented at 24 sessions with numerous workshops and ISO meetings covering all aspects of corrosion and corrosion protection. Working Party business meetings will also be taking place as well as poster presentations with over 270 papers.

Important dates to remember:
June 2012 Preliminary Programme published on website:
July 15, 2012 Submission of full manuscripts for CD-ROM proceedings
July 15, 2012 Deadline for early and author's registration

This year a special "Promo registration" is being offered that includes the welcome reception, open buffet lunches and gala dinner for one price at a substantial reduction if payment is made by June 29th. Please consult the EUROCORR website for details.

After last year's great popularity, a graduate course for students and researchers working in academic or industrial environments with an interest in Corrosion Science and Materials Engineering is again being offered at the Istanbul Technical University campus next to the congress venue before EUROCORR from September 7-9th. The instructor will be Prof. Christofer Leygref from the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden (KTH).

For the most up-to-date details please consult the EUROCORR website at:


Note in your Calendar!

September 1-5, 2013
Theme: "Corrosion Control for a Blue Sky"

EUROCORR 2013 will be held in the seaside resort of Estoril, Portugal 16 km from Lisbon, and will be hosted by our Portuguese EFC member society SPM: The Portuguese Society for Materials. The congress will cover a large number of topics on the areas of corrosion science and anti-corrosion technologies with the hot topic "Innovative anti-corrosion strategies for materials in energy production systems".

For more details consult the EUROCORR 2013 website at:

September 8-12, 2014
Theme: "Improving Materials Durability: from Cultural Heritage to Industrial Applications".

Our Italian EFC member society, The Italian Association of Metallurgy (AIM), is the host organizer of 2014's EUROCORR which will take place in the small Tuscan port city of Pisa, home of renowned scientists Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Fibonacci, Antonio Pacinotti and Enrico Fermi. Pisa is conveniently located near Florence and other delightful Tuscan towns rich in beauty, art and culture.

September 6-10, 2015
Theme: "Earth, Fire, Water, Air - Corrosion is Everywhere"

At our recent EFC Board of Administrators meeting, EFC member society ASMET, The Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials, won the bid for this EUROCORR. Graz, a student city and the capital of the Styria region of Austria, is in a peaceful, green and heavily forested area southwest of the Alps and 200 km from Vienna.

Note: If your European member society would like to consider hosting a future EUROCORR, please contact the EFC Frankfurt office (e-mail: ) for details.

Forthcoming Event

Monday, September 10, 2012, EUROCORR 2012 Istanbul
co-organized by EFC Working Parties: WP 4 "Nuclear Corrosion", WP 5 "Environmentally Sensitive Fracture, WP 9 "Marine Corrosion", WP 13 "Corrosion in Oil & Gas Production", WP 15 "Corrosion in the Refining Industry", WP 17 "Automotive Corrosion"
The aim of this joint workshop is to bring together members from academia and industry who deal with environmentally assisted cracking (EAC) phenomena and mechanisms and to present the current state-of-the-art in order to understand EAC and share experience from its different fields of application. A broad range of EAC will be covered including hydrogen induced cracking, stress corrosion cracking, liquid metal embrittlement and issues concerning oxidation-induced embrittlement. Two types of contributions will be presented: 1) overviews of EAC occurrence and 2) presentations on EAC mechanisms and modeling. Contributions specific to application fields will be included in regular WP sessions. In addition to EUROCORR 2012 proceeding publications, selected papers shall be published as an EFC "Green book" series, following a review process.
For more information please consult the EUROCORR website or contact WP 5 Environmental Sensitive Cracking Chairman Prof. Krzysztof Wolski, e-mail:


Tuesday, September 11, 2012, EUROCORR 2012 Istanbul
This introductory course to tribocorrosion will familiarize students, young researchers, mechanical and chemical engineers, bio-engineers, maintenance personnel, material experts, and technicians with the basic and practical aspects of tribology, corrosion, and their combined effect on material degradation and protection issues. It offers a well structured approach to the scientific and technological basics needed to investigate the tribocorrosion behavior of passivating materials and teaches the correct approach to conducting laboratory investigations, relevant experimental techniques and how to correctly analyze the experimental data gathered. The course will be taught by leading researchers and contributors to the EFC Green Book N° 62: "Testing Tribocorrosion of Passivating Materials Supporting Research and Industrial Innovation Handbook" and consists of 9 lecture modules followed by discussion. Course leaders and discussion moderators will be Prof. Jean-Pierre Celis of KU Leuven, Belgium, and Prof. Pierre Ponthiaux of Ecole Centrale Paris, France.
For a listing of course modules please refer to the EUROCORR website or contact WP Tribocorrosion Chairman Prof. Jean-Pierre Celis, e-mail:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012, EUROCORR 2012 Istanbul
This year a special one day session on Corrosion in Aerospace will take place, designed to take advantage of the world corrosion experts from academia and industry who will be present at EUROCORR. This valuable cross-section of specialized, multidisciplinary experts will allow for in-depth and highly informative discussion of the complexities of corrosion in the aerospace sector, monitoring of current progress being made in research and engineering and consultation on how to confront the new challenges that lie ahead. Presentations will include corrosion and corrosion protection topics currently keeping engineers in the aerospace sector busy and challenging academia in order to invite a closer exchange and networking opportunities covering:

  • Solutions for environmentally benign corrosion protection systems for replacement of Chromates and Cadmium,
  • Perspectives for the next generation of protection systems,
  • Progress on corrosion modeling, inhibition and self-healing protection concepts,
  • Corrosion detection and analysis and assessment of corrosion environment.

Some of the international engineering and research experts presenting will come from OEMs (Airbus, Boeing, OGMA), paint suppliers (AkzoNobel), aerospace research institutes (CISIRO, WIWEB) and a number of universities with aeronautical competence. This gathering will provide for a comprehensive and dynamic exchange of experience and knowledge and create ideas for further progress in the corrosion protection of aerospace structures.
For further details please consult the EUROCORR 2012 website or contact workshop coordinator Theo Hack, EADS Innovation Works, Metallic Technologies & Surface Engineering, e-mail:
Upon the conclusion of the workshop, a voting process will take place to decide upon the creation of a new EFC working party in Aerospace Corrosion.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012, EUROCORR 2012 Istanbul
EFC's Working Party 20 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Drinking Water, together with the World Corrosion Organization are the joint organizers of this workshop presenting the "best practice" for worldwide education on water supply, storage and distribution. Corrosion of potable water systems is a primary health concern for developing countries and it is currently estimated that one-sixth of the human species lives without access to safe water. Some of the topics covered under this important workshop will be basic, robust and safe water techniques from the well to the tap. Proceedings from the scientific program will be compiled into a "WCO White Book" for further dissemination of accumulated knowledge. This will be the first of a series of workshops organized on this topic to be given in other parts of the world at various conferences.
Please consult the EUROCORR website or contact WP 20 Corrosion and Protection of Drinking Water Systems Chairman Dr. Wilhelm Erning (e-mail: ) or WP 1 Corrosion and Scale Inhibition Chairman Prof. Guenter Schmitt (e-mail: ) for further information.

For detailed information on all scheduled workshops, joint and special sessions and ISO meetings taking place at EUROCORR 2012, please consult the website at:

Other upcoming EFC sponsored Events and Workshops:

May 20-25, 2012, Les Embiez Island, Var, France (EFC Event No. 342)
The goal of this international symposium is to reflect the interests of the major industries dependent on the successful application of high-temperature materials, providing a periodic updating on the current research and understanding in these areas. While emphasis is placed on studies providing current insight into these issues, attention also is given to recent advances in the underlying science and technology. Please consult the Symposium website at  for registration details or contact Dr. Daniel Monceau, e-mail:   .

May 27-31, 2012, Sorrento, Italy (EFC Event No. 345)
The scope of the Symposium encompasses all aspects of aluminium surface generation, characterization, modification, performance and development. In addition, a section on multi-materials design and performances will be part of the Symposium agenda. Specific fields of interest include, but are not limited to, rolling and extrusion processes, material deformation effects, joining processes, wet chemical surface processing, electrolytic processing, adhesion and organic interactions, plasma-based surface modification technologies, corrosion and protection mechanisms, self-healing and other functional properties of products. Applications sectors as diverse as aerospace, automotive, heat exchangers, architectural, electronics, lithography, packaging, nanotechnology, and others are to be addressed. In addition, contributions addressing the impact of processes and products on the environment and the development of "green technology" for aluminium will be sought. Aluminium companies will be represented, as well as surface treatment suppliers, industrial end-users, instrument manufacturers and researchers from the international scientific community. For further details please got to

June 4-6, 2012, Lviv, Ukraine (EFC Event No. 347)
Theme: "Problems of corrosion and corrosion protection of structural materials"
The conference topics include: Fundamentals of corrosion and corrosion assisted mechanical fracture; hydrogen and gas corrosion; new corrosion resistant materials and coatings; inhibitor and biocidal protection; electrochemical protection; testing methods and corrosion control; corrosion and environmental problems; education and training in corrosion; application of thermal spray coatings for corrosion protection of metal constructions (Round table); corrosion protection of oil and gas industry equipment (Round table); corrosion protection of power and chemical equipment (Round table). For registration details visit the Conference website at

June 18-22, 2012, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (EFC Event No. 346)
ACHEMA is the world forum of the process industry and the trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology. The 30th ACHEMA will again be the leading international meeting point for decision-makers and experts from all related industries. Two months before the start of ACHEMA 2012, the outlook on the global flagship event for chemical engineering and biotechnology is exceedingly positive. The organizers expect a slight growth compared to the last event in 2009 when 3,767 exhibitors and more than 173,000 participants were counted. The ACHEMA congress programme includes again more than 900 lectures, guest and special events, panel discussions with high-ranking personalities and excellent plenaries cover all areas of chemical processing and biotechnology. For further information please got to the ACHEMA website at:

September 19-21, 2012, DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (EFC Event No. 350)
The need for further investigation of complex corrosion situations in various combustion atmospheres and the ability to predict component operations in high temperature industrial environments has risen significantly in recent years as the intent to make use of available resources more efficiently has instigated increased consideration of the utilization of hitherto unexploited fuels and supplies in high temperature processes. The aim of this workshop is to review the current state of knowledge and understanding in this area of materials science and to identify needs for future research. A format similar to that of previous workshops in this series of EFC events on high temperature corrosion will be followed.
Please consult the website for registration details or contact Prof. Michael Schutze/Ms. Xueqing Wu, e-mail:   for further details.

November 10-14, 2012, Melbourne, Australia (EFC Event No. 353)
Theme: "Corrosion management for a Sustainable World: Transport, Energy, Mining, Life Extension and Modelling"
Corrosion & Prevention 2012 will be a three day gathering of leading experts with premium networking opportunities and a source for the latest information concerning corrosion and its mitigation. Hosted by the Victorian Branch of the Australasian Corrosion Association, Inc. (ACA), Corrosion & Prevention 2012 will comprise of a detailed programme of presentations under a range of industry 'streams', technical forums with the opportunity to openly discuss the latest industry advances and issues, social functions as well as an exhibition showcasing the latest products and services.
For further details, please visit the Congress website:

12-15 November 2012, Cadarache, France (EFC Event No. 351)
Theme: "Long-Term Performance of Cementitious Barriers and Reinforced Concrete in Nuclear Power Plants and Radioactive Waste Storage and Disposal"
This event is a part of the activities of the RILEM Technical Committee "Concrete in the context of the nuclear management" (TC CNM). The event is also sponsored by the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) and its Working Parties on Nuclear Corrosion (WP 4) and on Corrosion in Concrete (WP 11). The Committee for Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) of the OECD/NEA is also involved in the event. Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 April 2012
Please consult the Workshop website  for abstract submission and registration details.

16th ALL-POLISH CORROSION SYMPOSIUM (APCS-2012) with international participation
November 28-30, 2012, Jastrzab/Poraj (near Czestochowa), Poland (EFC Event No. 357)
Theme: "New Achievements in Corrosion Research and Engineering"
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 10 September 2012.
Please visit the Symposium website  for abstract submission and registration details.

10-14 December 2012, INSTN CEA Saclay, France (EFC Event No. 354)
Further information will soon be available at:

April 24-27, 2013, Emmetten, Switzerland (EFC Event No. 359)
Like the previous 12 workshops on this topic, this 13th AETOC workshop aims to foster discussion and engage interaction between researchers involved with the dual disciplines of organic coatings and electrochemistry. While the use of electrochemical methods reveals interesting features it also presents problems when applied to typically high ohmic coated samples. This workshop will be the ideal platform for reporting on the pros and cons of methods, new materials and new protection concepts. For further information contact EFC WP 14 Coatings member Dr. Joerg Vogelsang, e-mail: Vogelsang.joerg_a(at)

For details and direct website access to these and other forthcoming events and to view our complete EFC Calendar of Events please go to

If you are an individual member of an EFC European/International member society or an Affiliate member and are organizing a corrosion-related event or course, you are eligible for EFC endorsement and ensuing publicity benefits. Event Application Forms can be downloaded on our website at:

Recruitment Forum

If you would like to publicize a job opening or are looking for qualified professionals, please consult our website.

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