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The offer is available until 28 February 2020.

You are welcome to contact Hélène Illaire for further information.


Special offer to exhibitors at EUROCORR 2020

Package Exhibition Booth & EFC Affiliate Membership


Take the opportunity to discover the EFC Affiliate Membership benefits and enjoy all advantages related to international visibility!

For the first time at EUROCORR 2020, exhibitors are offered a package including the EFC Affiliate Membership and the Exhibition Booth at a discounted price:

  • 25% on the booth
    for example, standard booth of 6m2: €2,100 instead of €2,800
  • 16% on the Affiliate Membership
    - for companies: €1,300 instead of €1,550
    - for research laboratories and universities: €865 instead of €1,030

Conditions of the offer

  • All mentioned prices are VAT excluded.
  • To benefit the offer, the duly filled order form must be received latest on 28 February 2020.
  • The offer is subject to the validity of the EFC Affiliate Membership, including the payment of the yearly subscription. Exhibitors without a valid Affiliate Membership on 1st July 2020 will be asked to pay the full price of the booth.

Apply now!
To register, please complete the form “EFC Affiliate Membership Application - Special Offer”.


What will happen after you apply for EFC Affiliate Membership?

  • The organisers of the EUROCORR 2020 Exhibition will contact you to proceed with the booking of your booth with a discount of 25%.
  • In parallel, the EFC Frankfurt Office will manage the approval procedure of your application; the e-mail voting procedure takes approximately 2 months. In the very unlikely case of your application being rejected, if you want to maintain your registration to the exhibition you will be asked the full price of the booth.
  • After 1st of May 2020, you will be contacted by the organisers of the exhibition regarding the allocation of your booth. As Affiliate Member, you will have higher priority on the choice of the location of the booth, according to the rules of the Loyalty Programme

This is how the EFC Affiliate Membership will benefit you:

The EFC Affiliate Membership is targeted to companies, research laboratories and universities seeking increased international visibility, and includes the following benefits:

  • Discount on exhibition booth at EUROCORR
  • Priority for choosing exhibition booth location at EUROCORR (in the frame of the Loyalty Programme)
  • Events included in the EFC Calendar
  • Write-ups of events and case studies in the EFC Newsletter (subject to EFC approval)
  • Discount on advertisement in the EFC Newsletter
  • Logo and link on the EFC website and in the EFC Newsletter
  • Courses and events with EFC endorsement and logo (subject to EFC approval)

Anybody belonging to an EFC Affiliate Member scheme also benefits from EFC advantages such as a discount on EUROCORR registration fee and on EFC publications (including the ‘Green books’ series), as well as guaranteed free access to the EFC Working Parties.



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