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EFC Membership


Society Membership

The EFC is open to scientific and technical societies and organisations who are in pursuance of the advancement, best practice and education of the science and technology of corrosion and its control for the socio-economic benefit of mankind and the well-being of the environment.
These societies and organisations must

  • be in full compliance with the objectives of Article 3 of the EFC Statutes,
  • be non-profit organisations,
  • and have legal status.

There are two categories of Member Societies:

  • European Member Societies are located within Europe

  • International Member Societies are located outside Europe

In this context, Europe encompasses all full member states of the Council of Europe.

General Information, Benefits and Application

List of Member Societies

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership of the EFC is available to organisations which support the purpose of the EFC (see Article 3 of the EFC Statutes) on payment of an appropriate annual contribution. Two classes of Affiliate Membership  exist; one for

  • Companies and the other for

  • Universities and Research Organisations.

General Information, Benefits and Application  

List of Affiliate Members

Honorary Membership

The EFC General Assembly may confer the title of Honorary Member on any individual having made, in the opinion of the Board of Administrators, a particular contribution to the achievement of the aims of the EFC.

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In response to requests from international EUROCORR delegates wishing to become more involved in the activities of the Federation, the creation of an EFC International Branch was approved at the last General Assembly in November 2023.
The new structure will allow people who live and operate in countries where the EFC is not represented through its European or International Member Societies to become an EFC member through this Branch.

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