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EFC Newsletter

EFC Newsletter
Print issue August 2023

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first edition of your EFC newsletter in 2024 and we’re in celebratory mood as we look forward to World Corrosion Awareness Day and the 44th edition of EUROCORR in Paris. "Surely, our goal must be to protect metal structures optimally, not indefinitely," explains EFC President, Tomáš Prošek in his introductory editorial, which focuses on reducing the social cost of corrosion on the global day of awareness. And this topic, among many others, will be discussed in Paris at this year’s EUROCORR conference - and we have all the latest information as the event draws closer.

There have also been exciting developments within the EFC, as we welcome five new Working Party Chairs, who have set out their vision for the future inside the Newsletter, as well as six new Affiliate Members to the Federation, which will benefit from international visibility and exhibitor benefits at EUROCORR.

And it’s at EUROCORR where the Young EFC will host their 10th annual meeting and present the Best Oral Presentation Awards, as well as a range of activities centred around World Corrosion Awareness Day. This year’s event has big shoes to fill as the organisers of EUROCORR 2023 have recently been honoured as an ambassador for Brussels in a ceremony acknowledging the successful international event.

That’s not all as there’s also space to learn about IOM3’s new Sustainable Future Awards 2024, how the Australasian Corrosion Association have taken industry challenges to the government, and details of the Italian Association of Metallurgy’s eight day course programme, as well as all the latest upcoming events for your corrosion calendar.

All the best and please feel free to get in touch if you have anything that you would like to feature in the next edition,

Dan Mobbs, London
Newsletter Editor

November 2023 (issue 2/2023)

April 2023 (issue 1/2023)