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EFC/NACE Agreement on Cooperation

An historic agreement on cooperation between EFC and NACE International was signed by both parties during the NACE Corrosion Conference in San Diego on 19th March 2003. At the signing Ceremony, Don Harrop, EFC President, signed on behalf of the Federation while Elaine Bowman, President of NACE International, signed on its behalf.

The Agreement brings important benefits both to members of NACE International and to those who belong to EFC Member Societies. In future, members of NACE will, on quoting their membership numbers, be entitled to a 20 % discount on all EFC publications, the same as is available to members of EFC Member Societies. Reciprocally, NACE will provide the same discounted prices provided to NACE members on its books, standards and journal subscriptions to all members of the EFC Member Societies. This means, for example, that the annual subscription to the NACE journal Corrosion would cost only $85 US instead of $150, and the NACE book on Electrochemical Impedance and Noise could be acquired at a 25 % discount, for only $96 instead of $127 (plus postage & packing).

To qualify for these discounts, individuals must provide NACE with a reasonable means of verifying that they belong to a Member Society of the EFC. The simplest way of doing so in the case of societies belonging to the EFC Membership Card Scheme is by quoting the number on their EFC Membership Card. These cards are available from the societies participating in the scheme. However, for societies that issue membership numbers, this can be accomplished by quoting their society membership number. In case of difficulty, please contact the EFC Scientific Secretary at the London Office.

The new Cooperation Agreement confers a number of other important benefits on both partner organisations. These include the provision of complimentary booths at the exhibitions held in conjunction with each other's annual conferences, so that delegates can keep up-to-date with the latest developments. In addition, both NACE and EFC will provide each other with two complimentary registrations to their annual conferences for use by designated representatives. This will facilitate meetings between the two organisations to discuss opportunities for further collaboration in future. These might include, for example, the development of joint corrosion conferences and exhibitions. Furthermore, the meeting calendars of NACE and EFC will be coordinated to avoid clashes of dates, where possible.

Other initiatives include an annual exchange of summaries of committee/working party activities to eliminate unnecessary duplication and produce guidelines that are globally relevant. There will also be a regular exchange of product catalogues between the two bodies to facilitate the reciprocal discount scheme.

NACE and EFC have further agreed to publicise each other's events and activities in their respective publications, including conferences, new products, appointments and awards. This will extend to the internet sites of both organisations, as well as printed matter.

The Agreement remains in effect for an initial period of three years from 19th March 2003 and it is intended that it will be renewed automatically each year thereafter.

EFC/NACE Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Updating NATO Standards

EFC President Lorenzo Fedrizzi and NACE International Executive Director Robert Chalker signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 02 September 2013 at the President's Reception at EUROCORR 2013, Estoril, Portugal, to cooperate in managing and updating the following NATO Corrosion and Coatings Standards:

Performance Requirements for Protective Paint Systems and their Application for Naval Platforms. NATO Standardisation STANAG 4698 (Edition 1), 5pp, promulgated 05 August 2010
consisting of:

Performance Requirements for Exterior Topsides Coatings.  Allied Engineering Publication AEP-60 (Edition 2). 46 pp, February 2009.

Performance Requirements for Underwater Hull Paint Systems. Allied Engineering Publication AEP-61 (Edition 2). 44 pp, February 2009.

Performance Requirements for Non-Skid Coating Systems. Allied Engineering Publication AEP-63 (Edition 1). 50 pp, April 2009.

For further information please contact: EFC Scientific Secretary, Dr. Roman Bender, e-mail: Contact