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Seville, Spain
9-13 September 2019
(EFC Event No. 445)

The call for abstracts is open!
Deadline: 16 January 2019


Previous event:
Cracow, Poland
9-13 September 2018



EFC Newslettern 2018 No 26, September 2018


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Flyer "What is EFC"



The EFC is a federation of 38 organisations (Member Societies and Affiliate Members) with interests in corrosion based in 25 different countries within Europe and beyond. Taken together, its Member Societies represent the corrosion interests of more than 25,000 engineers and scientists.

Founded in 1955, its aim is to advance the science of the corrosion and protection of materials by promoting cooperation in Europe and collaboration internationally. [ more...]

The EFC accomplishes its most important activities through twenty-one active working parties devoted to various aspects of corrosion and its prevention.

EUROCORR , the EFC's annual conference is the flagship event of the European corrosion calendar. The forthcoming EUROCORR will be held in Cracow, Poland, on 9-13 September 2018.


EFC Events
AETOC 2019 - 11th International Workshop on Application of Electrochemical Techniques to Organic Coatings
The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss latest research topics in electrochemical techniques applied to organic coatings and find industrial partners.
Valencia, Spain
Apr 02, 2019 - Apr 05, 2019
Corrosion in Oil and Gas Industry
Scope of the programme: Well construction and operation; Pipelines; Corrosion protection technologies - coatings, inhibition and cathodic protection; Corrosion mechanisms and testing methods; Failure analysis - Marine corrosion
St. Petersburg, Russia
May 22, 2019 - May 24, 2019

EFC Courses
Winter School "Modelling of Corrosion"
Courses in the morning and computer sessions in the afternoon. Topics: Atomistic and molecular modelling of corrosion; Modelling of corrosion by cellular automata; Point defect Model and DPCM model for passive layers; Corrosion data mining & neuronal networks; Modelling of (i) high temperature oxidation, (ii) localized corrosion, (iii) flow accelerated corrosion, (iv) stress corrosion cracking, (v) inter-granular corrosion, (vi) rebar corrosion, (vii) cathodic protection...; Corrosion modelling and safety manangement, multiscale contribution on corrosion modelling
Target group: students, engineers and scientists

Language: English

INSTN, Saclay, France
Jan 28, 2019 - Feb 01, 2019
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