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Next meeting: During EUROCORR 2020 in Brussels in September 2020



YoungEFC Mentoring Program



EFC Awards for young scientists:

-  EFC Poster Prize

-  EUROCORR Young Scientist Grant



Do not miss the opportunity to meet and discover the young generation of corrosion and protection.
If you think that network, communication, innovation and learning are key factors for a successful career, then do not hesitate to join us.
No fees are required.

Send us an email with your information and we will keep you up-to-date with relevant events and platforms all about corrosion engineering and science:
Family name; First name; University/ Company; Department; Street; Post/ZIP code; City;
Country; Email.

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Share your experience as young corrosionist and take part in our online survey:

Young EFC

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Nowadays, young researchers and engineers are challenged by the need for ingenious technical expertise combined with a strong scientific understanding of fundamental materials and corrosion problems. On top of that there is invariable time pressure. It has vital importance in making a successful career to have an experienced mentor or supervisor who has knowledge about how to obtain research funding (on both a national and international level), how to implement the right scientific methodology with the comprehension of how to develop personal and social skills… And yes, this is really challenging. Materials and corrosion science has become a poly-faceted multidisciplinary research field requiring young scientists and engineers and senior experts to collaborate and simplify knowledge and experience exchange in order to address current and future corrosion problems.

The Young EFC is an initiative created in 2016 by the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) who aims to support young researchers and engineers in the field of corrosion and protection of materials. Our vision has several cornerstones, namely:

  • Building a bridge between young corrosion researchers and senior experts
  • Creating a network of young corrosionists
  • Organising and participating in conferences, workshops and other events
  • Promoting the interests of young researchers to the European Federation of Corrosion and the European Commission
  • Supporting the career at an early stage

The Young EFC Board is comprised of the following members:
Marta Mohedano, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
Michele Fedel, University of Trento, Italy
Cem Örnek, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Yaiza Gonzalez-Garcia, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


News 2020-02-04

In 2010 the World Corrosion Organization assisted by  CCPS (China), NACE (USA),  EFC (Europe)  and ACA (Australia), has established the Corrosion Awareness Day in order to raise awareness of corrosion and the problems that it causes.

As the lack of corrosion awareness impacts the economy and environment, education and best practices in corrosion prevention and mitigation are needed. Education, training and cross-contamination of ideas are key factors to promote greater corrosion awareness.All Corrosion Scientists around the world are invited to organize evens and set up joint actions to bring corrosion into the public focus and to disseminate corrosion awareness. In this frame, we invite you to organize an activity related to Corrosion Science and Engineering in your Research Institute, University, Industry, City, province… to be launched in the frame of the Corrosion Awareness Day (24th April)!

Take a look at the flyer to check how to be involved! The activities will be  supported by European Federation of Corrosion (EFC) and the World Corrosion Organization (WCO).  





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