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EFC Newsletter

EFC Newsletter
Print issue August 2023

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Issue 2/2023, November 2023


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the latest edition of your EFC newsletter in which we celebrate the personal touch that contributed to the hugely successful 43rd edition of EUROCORR in Brussels, and which promises to continue when the conference moves to Paris next year. 

“Discussions that happen in-person are much livelier and tend to generate considerably more in the way of ideas,” explains EFC President, Tomáš Prošek, in his opening editorial of the Newsletter. That personal touch was there for all to see in Brussels and we have the photos from the event’s first visit to Belgium. Now all eyes turn to Paris ahead of EUROCORR 2024, as the city of love is set to become the capital of corrosion protection when it hosts next year, and we have all you need to know inside. 

Similarly, the many EFC Working Parties benefitted from the personal touch at EUROCORR thanks to a packed meeting and presentation programme, with WP 10 making the most of the event as they presented two young corrosionists with honours for their recent achievements. The Young EFC also revelled in the opportunity to meet in person, as they introduced new board members and presented the 2023 EFC Young Scientist Grant winners with their prizes in Brussels. 

There’s also space inside your November edition of the Newsletter for the latest news from WP 3, the Italian Association for Metallurgy, MTECH 2023, C-Cube, HEGGEL, and a new Europe-wide initiative that aims to address the challenge of decarbonisation in the transport sector. Plus, find out how purchasing the EFC Green Books is now easier than ever and catch up with details of all the latest EFC events. 

All the best and I look forward to re-connecting with you all for the next Newsletter in the new year, 

Dan Mobbs, London
EFC Newsletter Editor

April 2023 (issue 1/2023)