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EFC Newsletter

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EFC Newsletter

EFC Newsletter
Print issue August 2022

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Issue 1/2023, April 2023


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the traditional April edition of the EFC newsletter

It’s an exciting time of change at the EFC and with World Corrosion Awareness Day just around the corner, there’s plenty to celebrate.

Tomáš Prošek introduces his first Newsletter as EFC President with an impassioned introduction on the importance of corrosion science and the joys of working in the industry. After all, “Unhappy, depressed, unemployed, or poor corrosionists are as rare as lustrous pieces of carbon steel washed up from the sea.” 

Inside, the delegates for EUROCORR 2023 in Brussels are introduced, Young EFC lead the World Corrosion Awareness Day celebrations, and there’s also a chance to meet the two winners of the grant WP4 Nuclear Corrosion Summer School in Slovenia.

However, it’s Pascal Collet who has perhaps brought with him the biggest change at EFC following his appointment as the new COO and in his interview on page 4 he reveals his unlikely inspiration to enter the paint industry.  

Dan Mobbs, London
EFC Newsletter Editor

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