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The EFC is a federation of organisations - Member Societies and Affiliate Members -  with interests in corrosion based in Europe and beyond. 
Its aim is to advance the science of the corrosion and protection of materials by promoting cooperation in Europe and collaboration internationally. [ more...]
The EFC accomplishes its most important activities through Working Parties and Task Forces devoted to various aspects of corrosion and its prevention.

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Brussels, Belgium, 27-31 August 2023

Motto: Driving corrosion prediction and protection towards a circular economy 

We have great news! Registration for the EFC Corrosion Summer School is open. Join us for these three days (25 August - 27 Sunday 2023), full of interesting lectures and an exciting social programme with Beer tasting on Saturday night.

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As a scientific organisation, the European Federation of Corrosion would like to express its strong support for the Joint Statement by the National Academies of the G7 States on Russia’s Attack on Ukraine.
We stand by all Ukrainians affected by this unjustified attack on their country and express our heartfelt sympathy to the people of Ukraine, in particular to the families of those killed, injured or displaced from their homes.
The unprovoked attack on Ukraine is a fundamental breach of the democratic values upon which the EFC is built. Therefore, the Board of Administrators has decided to suspend all activities with organisations affiliated with the authorities of the Russian Federation with immediate effect.
In this dark hour, we add our voices to all (including many Russians) who oppose this aggression, with the profound hope that this desperate situation can be resolved as expediently as possible, while minimising any further unnecessary loss of life.
EFC Board of Administrators

EFC Newsletter

EFC Newsletter
Print issue August 2023

Welcome to your August edition of the EFC Newsletter. 

It’s that time of year when all eyes in the world of corrosion prevention turn towards the annual EUROCORR conference - and your Newsletter has all you need to know.  

Inside, the EUROCORR 2023 local organising committee explain the details and decisions that have gone into planning this year's event, and you’ll also find information about the congress programme, all joint sessions, as well as details of all Working Party meetings, which will also host the election of new WP Chairs and Vice-Chairs.  

The Young EFC will be present at EUROCORR, with Viacheslav Shkirskiy selected as YEFC Plenarist. The 2023 event in the Brussels Meeting Centre will also host presentations for the prestigious European Corrosion Medal and this year’s winner, Dr Michael Rohwerder, discusses the award, modern challenges, and the future, while Steve Paterson and Wolfram Fürbeth explain what becoming an EFC Honorary Fellow means to them.  

There’s also space to highlight the latest addition to the EFC Green Book Series and shine a light on the Nickeffect Project, as well as the latest events for your corrosion calendar from around the world. 

All the best and I hope you have a fantastic EUROCORR, 

Dan Mobbs, London
EFC Newsletter Editor 

EFC E-Newsletter


The EFC e-newsletter is published twice a year.

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