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EFC White Papers

WCO / EFC White Paper 'Corrosion challenges towards a sustainable society'

The WCO and EFC White Paper aims to reveal the importance of corrosion protection in the development of low carbon technologies. It gives illustrations of the best practices and guidance to develop appropriate corrosion protection and mitigation strategies, in low carbon energies and technologies needed for a sustainable society. The White Paper is intended for governments, industries, academia and the general public to alert them on the importance of corrosion phenomena in the development of a sustainable society.
edited by: Roman Bender, Damien Féron, Douglas Mills, Stefan Ritter
Mater. Corros. 2022;1–21.; DOI: 10.1002/maco.202213140
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Case Studies and Member Society Publications


Case Studies published by the EFC Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members of the Federation have been invited to present their research and technical developments in the field of corrosion through the publication of case studies.

Corrosion protection of aeronautic components by an eco-friendly anaphoretic e-coating
(EFC Newsletter No. 28, September 2020, p.18)

CIDETEC Surface Engineering, Spain - ECOLAND project funded by Clean Sky 2
Fore more information: https://www.cidetec.es/en/projects/surface-engineering-6/ecoland-4   

High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) Cladding Stops Alloy 625 Weld Overlay Corrosion in Waste to Energy (WtE) Boiler
(EFC Newsletter No. 28, September 2020, p.19)

Integrated Global Solutions, USA
For more information: https://integratedglobal.com/services/on-site-thermal-spray-coatings/  


Member Society Publications


In order to celebrate the Corrosion Awareness Day, a special issue about corrosion of the scientific journal Material-ES was published by SOCIEMAT.
It can be downloaded at: https://sociemat.es/download/6877/