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EFC Working Party 1: Corrosion and Scale Inhibition

Welcome to the website of the Working Party on Corrosion and Scale Inhibition.

Working Party Activities


Business Meeting at EUROCORR 2020

Based on short presentations burning questions and actual developments in corrosion and scale inhibition were discussed. We want to initiate open and controversial discussions between the participants. Current hot topics are:

  • Is green really green? Or what does green mean?
  • How can innovation survive despite of regulatory pressure?
  • How can academia better understand the needs of industry?
  • How could natural extracts find the way to commercialisation?
  • Is there enough mutual understanding between acedemia and industry?

We started the discussions during the last WP1 Business Meeting at the EUROCORR 2019 in Seville and intend to continue.

Working Party Journal

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What we are

The Working Party 1 "Corrosion and Scale Inhibition" is an informal group of researchers from academia and industry under the umbrella of the European Federation of Corrosion to discuss current topics of concern within the context of Corrosion and Scale Inhibition. The working party is open for all individuals involved in research and application of corrosion and scale inhibitors.  We encourage all to get involved and register.

We use the annual EUROCORR conference for our working party meeting, the Business Meeting, generally held within or after the WP1 lecture sessions. The business meeting is organised and moderated by the chairmen. The minutes of the Business Meeting will be distributed to the participants and the registered working party members.


WP1 is the platform and forum for all aspects of corrosion inhibition and scale inhibition in all kinds of industrial application:

  • from basic understanding of protection mechanisms to science-based modelling,
  • from compound selection for specific services to appropriate application modes,
  • from investigation methods and fitness-for-purpose testing to online monitoring,
  • from environmental concerns to legal aspects.

Corrosion and scale inhibition is an issue in many industrial branches. Therefore, WP1 cooperates with many other EFC working parties and organises joint sessions at EUROCORR conferences and international courses on this subject. Present activities aim at

  • validation of measuring systems for monitoring the performance of corrosion and scale inhibitors in the oil & gas industry, refineries, cooling water treatment, hydraulic fluids, metal treatment fluids and other applications,
  • standardization of inhibitor performance testing in cooperation with ASTM, CEN, ISO, NACE,
  • reviewing the potential of environmentally friendly inorganic and organic inhibitors
  • identifying fields for future research and development,
  • fostering networking between academia and industry
  • fostering networking between R&D labs for cooperation in European research programmes.




Working Party Journal

The "International Journal for Corrosion and Scale Inhibition" (IJCSI; website: www.ijcsi.pro) is the official Journal of EFC WP1. Interested authors are welcome to submit their research work or reviews on specific subjects. The journal will be used for networking and information exchange on corrosion and scale inhibition matters including announcements of conferences, courses, new research issues, etc.  We encourage all researchers and applicants in this exciting field of materials and asset protection to get involved.


Previous Activities


Working Party Reports



2-days Intensive Course on Corrosion and Scale Inhibition - Theory, Testing, Application (EFC-Event-No. 456)
18 – 20 February 2020