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EFC Working Party 17: Automotive Corrosion

Welcome to the website of the Working Party on Automotive Corrosion.

Current Activities

Working Party activities and technology areas covered by the WP are:

  • New materials development for automotive application for the body in white as well as for internal parts and components.
  • Impact of Lightweight concepts in anti-corrosion properties of vehicles (for CO2 stringent regulations is growing increasing use of Aluminium and/or composites, multi-material approach combined with galvanic couplings in lightweight designs).
  • Relationship between corrosion performance of sheet or extruded products with components. Comparison and correlation between accelerated laboratory test methods and field situation.
  • Corrosion prediction and modelling, usage of digital tools in development stage to optimize anti-corrosion properties.
  • Coatings solutions (pretreatments as well as paint technologies) specific to automotive applications and paintability aspects. REACH regulations and their consequences on product qualification and durability in field.
  • Inventory of the major durability and material degradation problems in the automotive sector: perforation, cosmetic, galvanic corrosion in particular.
  • Design aspects to corrosion.
  • Automotive components evaluation and development: heat exchangers, exhaust systems, trimming parts, fasteners, brake discs...
  • Corrosion challenges in hybrid and electric vehicles, new form of energy and its performances (fuel cells…)

Since Eurocorr 2018, a joint workshop has been organized between WP17 (Automotive Corrosion), WP22 (Corrosion Control in Aerospace) and WP25 (Atmospheric Corrosion) on Accelerated Corrosion Testing and correlation with Field conditions.

This workshop will be reconducted at EUROCORR 2021.

Business Meeting

Next Business Meeting at the upcoming virtual EUROCORR congress


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Mission / Objectives



The mission of the WP17 is to guide all parties of the automotive value chain in corrosion related issues by means of an active and internationally recognized research and engineering group.

WP17 is to become the European knowledge platform for automotive corrosion and coatings enabling exchange between automotive related industries and research academia.


The objectives of the Working Party are:

The main focus of WP17 has been to organize Eurocorr conferences covering key topics in automotive corrosion and corrosion prevention. Due to the specificity of the automotive corrosion issues, it has been a main focus to stimulate the participation of industries to EUROCORR. In the last 3 years, 60% of the presenters are researchers/ engineers from industry.

Major objectives of the WP17 are:

  • Stimulating the exchange of scientific knowledge in the field of automotive corrosion:material selection
    • accelerated corrosion testing
    • corrosion prevention technologies
    • automotive and chemical industry (REACH impact on product selection and integrity of materials)
    • design to corrosion: how to limit galvanic corrosion in multi-metal system
    • corrosion in-service conditions

  • Propose a scientific program at Eurocorr conference where all bodies involved in the car manufacturing chain are presenting: metal suppliers, pre-treatment and paint suppliers as well as automotive manufacturers to guide all automotive key players in making the optimum choice in materials and material combinations for durable, reliable and safe service conditions (automotive structures and automotive components).


  • Be actively involved in automotive corrosion standardization activities.

  • Organize dedicated workshops with relevant scientific group to discuss hot issues in automotive industries related to corrosion.