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EFC Working Party 17: Automotive Corrosion

Welcome to the website of the Working Party on Automotive Corrosion.

Current activities and News



SURCAR 2023 congress, FR

WP17 chair presented keynote lecture at SURCAR 2023 (congress on automotive painting) on big challenges in corrosion for a sustainable world focusing on topics that are important to automotive industry (electric vehicles and degradation modes, corrosion issues in Hydrogen industry adressing the whole value chain of Hydrogen…)


Recent and Upcoming events

  • Automotive corrosion session during EUROCORR2024
  • Business meeting at EUROCORR 2024

  • Automotive corrosion session and joint session with ‘Corrosion reliability of Electronics’ on electric vehicles during EUROCORR 2023
  • Workshop on Hydrogen during EUROCORR 2023



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Mission / Objectives



WP17 is to become the European knowledge platform for automotive corrosion and coatings enabling exchange between automotive related industries and research academia.

Target is to get stakeholders from the whole value chain of automotive industry to present papers of high quality to attract professionals from the field of automotive corrosion, especially industrial attendees. Surface and corrosion, materials investigation for automotive application are covered in numerous conferences, especially in Europe. However, only Eurocorr offers the possibility to discuss the topic over broad variety of materials and designs with specialists from various backgrounds.


Stimulating the exchange of scientific knowledge in the field of automotive corrosion:

  • Optimum material selection (lightweighting impact on corrosion, incidence on corrosion due to switching from steel to aluminium, new components development for higher corrosion resistance…)
  • Accelerated corrosion testing for automotive industry
  • Corrosion prevention technologies (pretreatments, new products…)
  • design to corrosion: i.e. limitation of galvanic corrosion in multi-metal system
  • Corrosion in-service conditions / link with lab testing prediction
  • Digital tools to simulate corrosion in-service and corrosion prediction for vehicle design


Topics of interest

Mostly related to material’s corrosion performance and characterization in automotive environment:

A) Coatings and adhesives development for automotive:

  • Pretreatments and corrosion developments for sustainable automotive paint process
  • New fasteners and bolts coatings
  • Coatings for high strength metals
  • Adhesives for increased durability

B) Light-weight materials for automotive and their corrosion performance:

  • Increasing amount of papers on Aluminium corrosion (since 2018)
  • High strength steels and their corrosion performances with or without protective coatings remain key (risks of Environment assisted cracking with Hydrogen)

C) Automotive components’ corrosion:

Increasing number of lectures on automotive components corrosion is being seen since 2017 such as  components for exhaust systems, car radiators, brakes components and their new coatings and adapted evaluation methods, trimming/ decorative elements, casts or forged parts…

D) Galvanic corrosion: due to the increasing complexity of the car body structure, this topic has been presented since 2019 and number of papers and complex cases are being discussed. Usage of modelling for better design and avoidance of high corrosion rates when materials are coupled

E) Accelerated corrosion testing (information on influence of the chamber’s parameters, reliability of the testing…) and accelerated lab testing in comparison to in-servce or proving ground evaluation.

F) New challenges for Electric vehicle technologies: currently, the topic is shared with the working group on corrosion in electronics

Overall, the topics reflect the needs as well as the trends seen in this industrial market.