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EFC Working Party 20: Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Drinking Water Systems

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Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Drinking Water Systems.

Current Activities


Business Meeting

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Major interest

  • Test methods
  • Copper corrosion in respect of leaching and pitting corrosion
  • Performance of copper alloys
  • Corrosion by disinfectants
  • Inhibitors in drinking water installations
  • Qualification of stanless steels
  • Maintenance of distribution networks

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Drinking Water is the central part of human nutrition and its purity without risks to health is essential for human life. Huge technical effort is employed to collect, purify and distribute drinking water to virtually every house hold in Europe and other developed countries. Many different materials are in use for the various components within drinking water systems. Some of them were ruled out nowadays like lead, but may be still present in some installations, others are new materials like polymers. Some installations are near to or at the end of their life and have to be replaced, others are quite new. The use of different materials, different ways of installations or different repair methods as well as additional water conditioning methods e.g. disinfection or simply insufficient maintenance can lead to corrosion problems.

Corrosion of drinking water systems is a major issue which can affect the purity of the water and thus also the health of the consumer, which also can affect the structural integrity of buildings and finally may lead to tremendous water losses.

The working party aims at creating a discussion area as well as using the European network of experts to collect the present understanding in the field of corrosion of drinking water installations, identify the needs for further research, both in basics and application, evaluate existing testing methods, promote new investigation methods, and foster normative work on an international basis.

The working party devotes its activities to the following general topics:

  1. Research
    • Identification of the most important fields for further research and development.
    • Improvement of the understanding of the failure mechanisms specific for the different materials used in drinking water installations, where appropriate cooperation with other EFC Working Parties is intended.

  2. Investigation and Testing
    • Evaluation and optimization of existing and new methods for investigation and testing of the corrosion resistance of materials.
    • Emphasis shall be put on the evaluation and further development of short term testing for life time prediction.

  3. Knowledge transfer
    • Review, systematization and dissemination of the state of the art of corrosion resistance and application limits of the respective materials.
    • Organization of workshops, seminars, and symposia with respect to basic understanding and industrial application. This shall include failure analysis and repair strategies.
    • Transfer of Knowledge to all interested parties, e.g. Countries, organisations (WCO)