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EFC Working Party 6: Surface Science and Mechanisms of Corrosion and Protection

Welcome to the website of the Working Party on Surface Science and Mechanisms of Corrosion and Protection.

Current Activities

The activity of the WP 6 is focused on Corrosion Mechanisms, Methods and Modelling.

Business Meeting

Business Meeting together with WP8 at the upcoming virtual EUROCORR congress

Special Projects

A collaborative research program on the use of ToF-SIMS in corrosion research is planned. Anyone interested in participating is invited to contact Philippe Marcus: Contact.

Next event: Corrosion Mechanisms, Methods and Modeling session at upcoming EUROCORR


Get involved!

If you wish get involved with EFC and the activities of the Working Party please click here to register!

Mission / Objectives

The objective of this Working Party is to be a forum for discussion of corrosion mechanisms, methods for surface characterization and modeling, covering all fundamental aspects of corrosion. Emphasis is placed on understanding the surface chemical and electrochemical reactions involved in corrosion mechanisms, by combining the use of electrochemical measurements with surface analytical techniques. Corrosion research employing modeling has become an important part of the WP scope. The Working Party promotes a surface science approach with both experiments and modeling at various length and time scales.

A major activity of WP6 is to organize a strong session on Corrosion Mechanisms, Methods, and Modelling at EUROCORR conferences (usually one of the largest sessions, co-organised by WP6 and WP8).

Other activities can be organized at the initiative of WP members, including Round Robin tests using advanced surface analytical techniques, comparison of experimental data and DFT calculations, WP meetings on special topics.