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EFC Working Party 8: Physico-chemical Methods of Corrosion Testing

Welcome to the website of the Working Party on Physico-chemical Methods of Corrosion Testing.

Current Activities


Business Meeting

Business Meeting together with WP6 at the upcoming virtual EUROCORR congress


  • Organise international networks around topics of physico-chemical testing methods
  • Assessment of the state-of-the-art of techniques and current joint activities by focused workshops as a basis for planning future research activities, e.g. joint EU Research Projects
  • Dissemination of information on dedicated topics of physico-chemical testing methods during conferences and events worldwide
  • Contributing to and editing of special issues of EFC series on dedicated topics of physico-chemical testing methods as well as the EFC Newsletter
  • Training and practical work exchange of young researchers (e.g. summer schools)
  • Round-robin exercise for novel (local) physico-chemical testing methods

Sessions - joint sessions at EUROCORR

Future interaction is to be continued for mutual interest with WP6 Surface Science and Mechanisms of Corrosion and Protection, in particular the joint EUROCORR Session on Corrosion Mechanisms, Methods and Modelling. Furthermore, regular joint EUROCORR Sessions are organized with more industry oriented Working Parties such as WP17 Automotive Corrosion, WP22 Corrosion Control in Aerospace and TF Atmospheric Corrosion on the correlation of physico-chemical laboratory testing methods to accelerated testing and in-field exposure.

Active participation

Members are encouraged to actively seek for opportunities to exploit the activities within the framework of WP8 and contact the Chairman for further discussion and interaction.


Get involved!

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Mission, Vision and Strategy



To provide a sound platform for international networking and activities in the area of physico-chemical methods of corrosion testing in itself and in collaboration with other Working Parties (WPs).


First of all to accommodate a well-recognized international platform for all high level scientific contributions with a focus on the development of innovative physico-chemical and electrochemical measuring techniques during EUROCORR and second to preselect and follow-up novel developments to be implemented for industrial applications together with the other WPs.


During EUROCORR, in close contact with the active WP8 members and other WPs the aim is to define follow-up actions topics around which self-propelling activities are exploited.


  • From micro-towards nano-electrochemistry (micro-capillary, SVET, AFM/SKPFM, LEIS etc.)
  • Testing methods of corrosion of metals in (simulated) body environments
  • Further developments in DC- and AC macro-electrochemical testing methods (EIS, ENM, etc.)
  • Combination of micro-/nanostructural analysis and electrochemistry/corrosion (e.g. in-situ corrosion TEM-analysis, electrochemical STM etc)
  • Correlation of physico-chemical laboratory testing methods with accelerated testing and in-field behaviour
  • High-throughput screening methods
  • Corrosion sensor developments
  • Other topics to be defined