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Corrosion Fighters

This series of short interviews aims at giving more visibility to the winners of the EFC awards and attracting young researchers and engineers in the field of corrosion, as well as encouraging young people to apply for EFC prizes.


Interviews with corrosion fighters

Honorary Fellow of the EFC

- Damien Feron (2021)

- Juan J. De Damborenea (2022)

European Corrosion Medal

- Dominique Thierry (2021)

Kurt Schwabe Prize

- Richard J. Barker (2021)

EFC Young Scientific Grant

- Joshua Owen (2021)

EFC Prize: Best oral presentation

- Rachma Azihari (2021)

EFC student grant for NuCoSS

- Klara Prijatelj (2023)

- Justice Nwade (2023)

Other corrosion fighters

- Adamantini Loukodimou (Surf electrochemical doctoral school 7th edition 2021)