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European Corrosion Medal


Previous Laureates


Professor Mario Ferreira, Portugal

Mario Ferreira gained his diploma at the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal, in 1971, his PhD at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, in 1981, and his Habilitation at the Technical University of Lisbon in 1993. He began his career as Assistant Lecturer at the Technical University of Lisbon later becoming Associate Professor. He moved to UMIST, UK, to serve as Adjunct Professor (1991-1996). He then returned to the Technical University of Lisbon as Associate Professor (1993-2001), subsequently becoming Adjunct Full Professor (2001-2010) at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, where he founded a research group of 20 people (Group of Studies in Corrosion and Environmental Effects), which he co-ordinated until 2010.
> more  (EFC Newsletter No 25, p6)

The European Corrosion Medal was presented to Prof. Ferreira at the opening session of the joint EUROCORR 2017 & 20th International Corrosion Congress & Process Safety Congress 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic.


Professor Lorenzo Fedrizzi, Italy

Lorenzo Fedrizzi is a full professor of Materials Science and Technology at the University of Udine, Italy, where he teaches Composite Materials Science and Technology and Corrosion at the Engineering Faculty. His main scientific interests are corrosion protection by coatings (organic, metallic and ceramic); materials durability; study of tribo-corrosion mechanisms; study and development of innovative coatings by sol-gel, PVD, CVD and thermal spraying technologies; corrosion behaviour of sintered metal parts; study, development and characterization of metal alloys.
> more  (EFC Newsletter No 24, p6)

The European Corrosion Medal was presented to Prof. Fedrizzi at EUROCORR 2016’s opening session in Montpellier, France.


Professor Philippe Marcus, France

Philippe Marcus is Director of Research at CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and Head of the Research Group of Physical Chemistry of Surfaces of Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris, Chimie ParisTech, France.
His field of research is surface chemistry, surface electrochemistry, and corrosion science, with emphasis on the understanding of the structure and properties of metal and alloy surfaces.
> more  (EFC Newsletter No 23, p5)

The European Corrosion Medal was presented to Prof. Marcus at EUROCORR 2015’s opening session in Graz, Austria.


Professor Herman Terryn, Belgium

Herman Terryn was chosen for the prestigious EFC Award by his peers based upon his clear vision towards the industrial relevance and needs drawn from the field of corrosion, electro-chemistry and surface science and their relation to materials. He is recognised as a pioneer in the frontiers of corrosion and surface science as he adeptly cross references combined activities in the areas of corrosion technology, functional surface engineering, surface characterisation and electrochemical characterisation.
> more (EFC Newsletter No 22, p5)

The European Corrosion Medal was presented to Prof. Terryn at EUROCORR 2014’s opening session in Pisa, Italy.

Laureates of the European Corrosion Medal 1985-2013:

2013 - Prof. C. LEYGRAF, Sweden  > read more (EFC Newsletter No 21, p5)
2011 - Prof. G. SCHMITT, Germany
2009 - Prof. V. CIHAL, Czech Republic
2007 - Prof. E. KALMAN, Hungary
2005 - Prof. D. LANDOLT, Switzerland
2003 - Prof. P.-L. BONORA, Italy
2001 - Prof. E. BARDAL, Norway
1999 - Prof. G.C. WOOD, UK, and colleagues at the Corrosion and Protection Centre, UK
1996 - Prof. R.N. PARKINS, UK
1993 - Prof. A. RAHMEL, Germany
1991 - Dr. J. WEBER, Switzerland
1989 - Dr. H. ARUP, Denmark
1987 - Prof. W. SCHWENK, Germany
1985 - Dr. A. DESESTRET, France