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EFC Approved Course Label


Education and training of corrosion protection professionals and technical public is recognized to have a large potential in reducing the societal costs of corrosion.
All studies of socio-economic impact of corrosion agree that some 1/4 to 1/3 of the corrosion costs can be spared if already known principles of corrosion protection are systematically applied in praxis.

The EFC supports its Member Societies active in corrosion education by granting the EFC Approved Course Label to courses with high professional standards. The purpose of the Label is to support the education and training of corrosion professionals in limiting the detrimental impacts of corrosion on assets, the environment, and health.

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Who can apply for the Label?

The Label is granted to courses reviewed in detail and proposed by European Member Societies of the EFC, or supported by the European Member Societies, who are responsible for the course content and delivery.

What course can be labelled?

The course has to be focused on corrosion, corrosion prevention, or corrosion protection, and properly governed.

How can a Member Society apply for the Label?

The application of a Member Society comprises submission of a questionnaire on the course governance, which can be downloaded from this site.

How the approval process looks like?

The questionnaire shall be delivered by e-mail to the EFC Scientific Secretary at roman.bender(at)dechema.de. It will be examined by the EFC Course Endorsement Committee composed of four volunteers approved by STAC and the EFC Scientific Secretary. In case of doubts on the course outcomes, content, and governance, the Committee can ask the applicant for additional information. The EFC Scientific Secretary shall inform the applicant about the outcome of the assessment within 3 months after the first delivery of the documents.

Is there any labelling fee?

The labelling fee is 500 Euro for the first labelled course of a Member Society and 300 Euro for any further course or course re-examination. The fee covers a three-year period starting on the day the labelling fee is paid.

Is there any reduction for early adopters of the Scheme?

Indeed, Member Societies applying for the Label in 2021 or 2022 are entitled to the fee reduction. The first labelled course of a Member Society costs only 300 Euro and any further course additional 100 Euro.

What advantage the Label brings to Member Societies?

Member Societies can use the Label for promotion of the endorsed courses for a period of 3 years. The Label assures high professional standards of any training activity, helping thus Member Societies attract more attendees. All labelled courses will be listed on the EFC website, which will simplify the access of corrosionists to the appropriate training.

What should a Member Society do if there is any substantial change in the course governance or content?

The Committee has to be informed within 2 months after the change occurs. The Committee will decide whether a new examination of the application is necessary. It can decide to revoke the Label.

What to do after the 3-year period is over?

If there is no substantial change in the course governance and content, the applicant Member Society is not obliged to re-apply for the Label after its expiration. The Label may be renewed upon a simple written request addressed to the Committee via the EFC Scientific Secretary and, subject to agreement of the Committee, payment of a 3-year labelling fee. The Committee may determine to call for re-application if there are any doubts relating to the validity of the use of the Label or the course quality and outcomes.

Where more information about the Scheme can be obtained?

Detail description of the Scheme is given in the document entitled Rules for the EFC Approved Course Label Scheme Granted by the European Federation of Corrosion, which can be downloaded from this site.

All labelled courses will be listed here