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Generalities, books

* E. Angelini, V. Argyropoulos, Metals and Museums in the Mediterranean, Protecting, Preserving and Interpreting, A book edited by Vasilike Argyropoulos, with contributions by E. Angelini, D. Anglos,V. Argyropoulos, A. Çilingiro─člou, T. De Caro, C. Degrigny, V. Gouda, M.A. Harith, A. Hein, G.M. Ingo, A. Karydas and C. Ricucci, Forewords by W. El Saddik and P. Themelis, 2008, pp.  23-37,  ISBN 978-960-87753-8-1, TEI of Athens

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Iron based metals

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Cu based metals

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Protection, monitoring

* F. Palumbo, R. d'Agostino, F. Fracassi, S. Laera, A. Milella, E. Angelini, S. Grassini, On Low Pressure Plasma Processing for Metal Protection, Plasma Process and Polymers, 2009, 6, pp. S684-S689

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