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1 February - 15 May 2024

Award on microbial corrosion fingerprint - https://efcweb.org/WP10.html


The EFC working party 10 invites you to take a chance to win a free registration pass to Eurocorr2024 conference in Paris.

Are you a young researcher or a young professional with no more than 10 year experience in a microbial corrosion-related field? Then consider applying!

How? Post a graphical abstract or a short presentation (max 3 slides) of biofilm profiles (microbial fingerprint) that characterize MIC cases and/or relevant conditions for MIC risk assessment.

Where? On the EFC HUB project 'Discovering Microbial Corrosion Fingerprint'

Why? To use the EFC HUB as a common, free, and open access platform that allows participants to discuss the role of microbial fingerprints of biofilms in corrosion from Next Generation Sequencing data. 

Please submit your application by 15 May 2024.


The applications will be assessed by the chair and vice chair(s) of the EFC WP10 Microbial Corrosion session. 

Winner(s) will be communicated at the end of May 2024 and announced on the EFC WP10 website

23 February - 15 May 2024

Corrosion Awareness Day 2024 - Organize and register an activity

April 24th is World Corrosion Awareness Day. From April 1 to May 24, the Young EFC promotes Corrosion Awareness Day through activities in cooperation with the World Corrosion Organisation (WCO) and the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC). We encourage the corrosion community globally to organise events or cooperative initiatives to raise corrosion awareness.

For this year's Corrosion Awareness Day, we are inviting you to organize a Corrosion Science-related activity (online or in person), which can be started from your desk or from your research institute, university, business, or city.

Register your activity here before April 1st.

More information here.

All organizers will receive a certificate from the EFC.

20 March 2024

Elsevier-YEFC webinar Series on Advanced Paper Writing - How to write a paper? Insights. Classics & Novelties

Would you like to improve your scientific writing??

Who better than the editors of Corrosion Science, Arjan Mol, Dawei Zhang, and Elsevier Publisher Marlene Silva, to give you the best tips.

You will learn how to construct and write a research paper, get advice on how to choose the best journal for you and what the editors are looking for in an article.

Register here

18 April 2024

2024 CORmentor Virtual Event - CREATE CORRECT and YEFC workshop


CREATE CORRECT and Young EFC are proud to present the first 2024 CORmentor Virtual Event.

Join us online for an engaging lecture by Janine Mauzeroll "The Wonderful World of Electrochemistry for Corrosion," followed by a breakout room event.

Choose from:

- Good Leadership hosted by Noemie Ott

- Imposter Syndrome hosted by Yolanda Hedberg

- Scientific Writing in Corrosion hosted by Arjan Mol

- Corrosion Industry Career Opportunities hosted by Damien Feron,

- Resumes hosted by Lisa Briona.


Register here


24 April 2024

YEFC corrosion awareness day - Corrosion Engineering vs. Corrosion Management - Ali Morshed

Corrosion is the main integrity threat for many assets in various industries. There are currently two options for tackling corrosion. One is based on a corrosion engineering-based approach, which is referred to as the traditional approach. The other option is based on a corrosion management-based appraoch, which is referred to as the modern appraoch. The corrosion management option is more effective and efficient than the corroison engineering-based one. This presentation is going to explain both and then elucidate why the corrosion management-based approach is better than the other option.

Ali Morshed has been a corrosion engineer for more than 20 years. He initially started working in the UK's Sector of North Sea back in 2002. With time, his expertise led him to work in various countries and across many industries where corrosion is a major integrity threat. He will share his extensive knowledge and practical insights for effective corrosion management strategies, addressing the challenges faced by industrial partners and highlighting potential solutions. 


Registration will open in March

14 - 19 July 2024

Summer school (WP14: Coatings and WP22: Corrosion Control in Aerospace) - Multifunctional and smart coatings for corrosion protection

University of Mons (UMONS) Materials Science Department (Belgium)

The EFC (European Federation of Corrosion) working parties 14 Coatings and 22 Corrosion Control in Aerospace join forces to bring you the summer school : Multifunctional and Smart Coatings for Corrosion Protection.

 During one week you will have the chance to learn and practice (lab experiences) about hot topics like:

  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
  • Surface analyses
  • Localized electrochemical techniques
  • Different types of multifunctional coatings
  • Corrosion evaluation
  • Plenary lecture form industry
  • Poster session

*Fee: 200 € (accommodation, lunches and teaching/lab activities included)

 Pre-registration here until 15 of March filling this form (brief CV and motivation letter required)

 Professors: Mikhail Zheludkevich (Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon- and Kiel University – Germany), João Tedim Tedim (Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal), Michele Fedel (University of Trento, Italy), Marta Mohedano (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), Tom Hauffman (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), Leonardo Bertolucci Coelho (Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), Véronique Vitry (UMONS, Belgium), Damien Thiry (UMONS, Belgium) and Marjorie Olivier (UMONS, Belgium)

28 - 30 August 2024


Paris, France

EFC Event Event

Corrosion directly and indirectly impacts all societal infrastructures, including energy production. Energy transition challenges in terms of increased utilization and the drive for sustainability and reduced ecological impact requires development and longer service of green energy technologies. Understanding and managing the role of materials and systems degradation and material selection in green energy industries, environment, and society, becomes an even more urgent topic for the next generation of corrosion experts and industry professionals.

This school is a great opportunity for graduate students and post-docs from both, renewable energy technology and corrosion science, for further specialized training interfacing the principles of green energy technologies and corrosion science approaches.

Registration will open end of January. There are only 25 seats available.

More information available soon.

3 September 2024

Career fair @Eurocorr2024 -

Paris, France

This year for the first time, the EFC and YEFC are pleased to host a career fair for young professionals after the annual meeting of the YEFC @Eurocorr2024.

Do you have less than ten year professional experience in a corrosion-related field (incl. PhD)? Do you seek a new position in academic or industry?

Are you hiring in our group or your company?

Then join us at the career fair! More details about the event will follow soon!